India -Holi Festival 

Here are some impressions from the Holi Festival in Indore, India. 

It is an ancient two day festival from India and Nepal, which happens every year in February or March. In the evening before the festival people gather around bonfires and pray that their evil shall be destroyed in the bonfire. During the festival people equiped with coloured powder and water celebrate by pouring these on each other. Race, religion, caste, gender etc. is not the issue at that day. Awesome, amazing, I like your style 😉


Unfortunately I lost my camera, so there is a lot that I can’t show, but I catched some scenes with my mobile phone. Have fun watching, Iran is amazing and its people are the most hospitable folk in the world. Following a little summarymof the video:

In the desert Dasht-e Kavir / Bazar in Tehran / Crossing boarder from Armenia / My way through Iran on a map / On the way to Tabriz / Golestan Palace in Tehran / Iran food / Hamedan / Grave of Avicenna (Ibn Sina) in Hamedan / Dinnertime / On the way to Kermansha / Climbing in Bisotun the summerresort of the ancient persian kings / Streets of Kermansha / Drinking tea on holy hill with the keepers of the grave of Hussein / Having fish balik at iraqi boarder / Kurdistan / Residence of the kings in Esfahan / On the way to the desert / driving oldtimer bikes and cars from US and Russia / Walking and driving through the desert / Getting to Shiraz and Bandar Abbas / Persepolis – Capitol of ancient Persia / People in the streets of Yazd / Coastline on Hormuz Island / Chilling with the homies in Mesr / Takeoff fail 😉

Turkish Coastline – Aegean and Mediterrenean

At the beach in Olympos / Farmers in Selcuk / Driving and hitching car close to Yatağan / Sprinkler in Antalya / Getting around in Izmir / Ancient ruins in Ephesus / Hanging out in Kuşadası / Making holidays with Tekin and Seda in Söke and around / Getting to Dıdım and Apollon Temple / Party in Fethiye / Camping under the ruins at the beach ın Olympos / Rockclimbıng in Olympos / Hitching the coastline to Alanya 


Balik (Fish) Döner in Karakoy / Turkish flags and walking in Istikal Street / Viewing Bosporus from Sanatkarler Park / Driving Füniküler (Tram) / Having fun with pigeons / Traffic scenes / Rakı Night with Alper, Beste and Lena / Streetview from Alpers Apartment in Şişli / Getting out of Metro / Streetart in Beyoğlu / Walking in Nevisade Street / Driving through Istanbul at night / Having fun with pigeons at Istanbul Universitesi / Inside of Hagia Sophia / Fishers at Galata Bridge / Continue Journey with Nora

Hitchhike from Serbia to Istanbul

700 km from Serbia to Istanbul in 13 hours. After making my way from Niš (SRB) to the highway which connects Europe to Turkey, I found the suprisingly empty highway. After three hours waitingtime and several downturns I met two georgian car dealers, who drove in a convoy, making their way from Berlin (DE) to Tiflis (GE).One of them who introduced himself as Ati, I could convince to give me a ride after showing my passport and and the promise to practise german with him. 

Ati was a proffesional car dealer who flies to Germany once a month, buys approximately 20 cars. 19 of them will be shipped via Rotterdam (NE) to Batumi (GE), With the remaing car he himself drives down to Georgia. 4000 km without any major stop. Our car was a 20 year old Opel Astra.  He bought it in Berlin for 200 € with Tüv ;). 

By the time we met he was already awake 24 hours, but he seemed in a pretty good shape. When we practiced german, I learned a lot about selling cars. Azerbaijan very good, a lot of money there. Georgia ok. Armenia soso, but just the old cars. Turkey bad because of high customs ;). 

Here is a little video from that trip, scenes in following order: Trucks at turkish border waiting for custom control / Making my way from Niš city center to the highway / After getting in the car / Serbia / Bulgaria / Sofia / Truckstop at Turkish boarder / Crossing Bosporus bridge in Istanbul at 4 a.m.

Cycling Croatia from Rijeka to Split

3 days of unpaused rain, 5 flat tires, sun comes back, dinner in Čista Mala, cycling down south, having nice days in Split and meet Anina and Karl with the same route (
Today I sold my bike. I will move on to Bosnia, my new swedish friends head for Dubrovnik down the coastline. Maybe ways cross again 😉